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Tablecloth Measuring and Shrinkage Guide

To check you buy the correct size tablecloth measure the length and width of your table and add 15cm-20cm to the length and width to allow for overhang depending on your preference. If there is a possibility the cloth could shrink, as a guide add an additional 10cm per dimension. For round cloths work out your overhang required, say 15cm. Add say 10cm to this for possible shrinkage,so in this case giving you 25cm. Times this figure by 2 giving you 50cm and add this to the diameter of your table to give the diameter of cloth you should purchase.

If you can’t get exactly the right cloth size for your table, buying a cloth that was a little bit short in its overhang might be better than one with excess overhang that diners get caught up in,taking plates and food with them as they leave the table! However a cloth with a little more overhang  would be better than buying one that was so short that it just about covered the table top.

All textile goods are liable to some shrinkage. Polyester is subject to minimal shrinkage of about 1% but cotton is liable to higher shrinkage,as much as 8% on the length and 6% on the width. Allow for shrinkage according to % guides given on our website.

Possible shrinkage after first wash of around 6% could mean :
a 132cm x 132cm cloth shrinking to around  124cmx124cm
a 132cm x 178cm cloth shrinking to  around 124cm x 167cm

33cm x 48 cm Placemats shrinking to 31cm x 45cm
50cm x 50cm  Napkins shrinking to 47cm x 47cm

These figures are meant as a rough guide only.


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