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Customer Concerns or Queries
If you need more information or have any concerns about products, delivery, ordering or any aspect of shopping with us simply contact us using the form below. 
If you prefer to call, phone us on  01403 211 552
9am- 7pm Monday to Friday, 9am-1pm  Saturdays.

Customer Product Requests
You may see an item that you would love in a different colour, shape or size than is offered on our online store. You may feel there is an item that would make your collection complete that isn’t offered.
Please ask us for anything you are particularly looking for as we may be able to find products from our existing suppliers that suit your requirements.

Customer Suggestions
Table Treasure is in its infancy and are eager to learn how you feel we can improve our services and your on line shopping experience with us. If you have suggestions about  any aspect of our store from navigation of our website, product information, want to suggest a theme we currently don’t offer or have comments around packaging and delivery please let us know. We appreciate the time you take to let us know how we can improve our services to you.We would also love to hear from you if you are pleased with the products or service you have received from us. We want to continue and further improve on what we do well.

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